I Wish I Could Say “Thank You”

Yukari Takinami

  • Pages: 184 Soft cover
  • Translation: Yukari Takeuchi
  • ISBN: 978-1-912097-42-5

  • UK: £16.99
  • US: $22.00

How do you say “thank you” and “goodbye” to a woman who has been domineering and difficult her whole life? Especially when that woman is your mother!

Yukari had long struggled in a chaotic love-hate relationship with her mother Chieko, so when her mother is diagnosed with advanced stage pancreatic cancer with just months to live, she is faced with a difficult situation.

Takinami honestly recounts the turmoil created by this announcement from her sister Nao without ever descending into pathos. At first she thinks of the practical – where should her mother be, who’s going to look after her, how can I with my work and my child? Then slowly she starts to face the fact of losing this energetic woman who had never even caught a cold to her memory! After years marked by difficult communication, will they now manage to overcome their conflicts and say what’s truly in their hearts before it’s too late?

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