• Translation from French: Vanessa Champion
  • Translation from Italian: Andy Milanesio
  • Translation fron Korean: Andrés Moon
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 9788496427488

  • UK: £11.99
  • US: $19.99

It was a gathering rarely seen. An exceptional moment. From the start it was a crazy idea to take a bunch of European creators in search of Korea – because, where the temptation of Japan and China fill the classic imagination of the West their neighbor, Korea, had for long time been a secret, isolated and recluse land – The Hermit Kingdom. But the moment had come. Caught up in the wind of globalization the Koreans discovered an appetite for foreign cultures and opened up to them. Thus the other side of this collective project came about as a handful of chosen Korean artists opened a window onto their country. At the end of this unique journey they had, together, produced a passionate graphic polyphony for all the senses with which to savor this Korea.

Twelve insightful short graphic stories into the “Hermit Kingdom”, six by European and six by indigenous creators, including award winning Park Heung-yong and “Best Manga 2006” artist Vanyda.

Ponent Mon

Korea As Viewed By 12 Creators is nominated in the 'Best Anthology' category for the Eisner Awards 2011 to be held on Friday, July 22nd as part of San Diego Comic-Con International.

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