Udon Noodle Soup - Little tales for little things

Yani Hu

  • Pages: 120 Softcover
  • Translation: By the author
  • ISBN: 978-1-912097-33-3

  • UK: £11.99
  • US: $16.99


Two children are close neighbours and love playing together. Then one day they are separated when one of the families moves to the other side of the world. But the boy leaves her a special present and a promise. 20 years later a flavour awakens her memories. As she grows older and raises a family, a woman holds on to her memories of a first love and a toothbrush. A hand made gift and a small lie lead to great upset. A mother’s gift for knitting lays unappreciated until it is almost too late. A soccer shirt is a poor substitute for the idol that should be wearing it. Yani Hu whips up a recipe of adolescent love in its many forms in these five not-so-little stories from this debut graphic novelist in English.

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