The Solitary Gourmet

Taniguchi / Kusumi

  • Pages: 344 Hard cover
  • Translation: Kumar Sivasubramanian
  • ISBN: 978-1-912097-44-9

  • UK: £30.00
  • US: $35.00


This is the book in which nothing happens but everything is consumed! Like 'The Walking Man' at lunch!!

What do we learn about Mister Inogashira? He’s a sole, independent trader importing household and fashion goods from France. He is always busy but never rushed as he travels around Japan selling his wares. He’s a private person who, whilst he enjoys the company of women, prefers to remain a bachelor. He smokes cigarettes but never touches alcohol. But above all, he enjoys his food! He is The Solitary Gourmet!

Each of the thirty-two chapters explores another dish in another restaurant in another part of town – from Tokyo to Tottori, from Osaka to hospital (yes!) and even ventures to an Algerian restaurant in Paris, eating and observing.

This volume collects all 32 chapters created over two decades and includes the hospital chapter.

Like an exquisite meal, this book should be savoured over and over again.

Expected in store July 2023.

The bad news is we have experienced a delay to July 2023 in the production of ‘The Solitary Gourmet’. The good news is it gives us the chance to open a pre-order for the title!
Simply send an email to and make the subject ‘GOURMET’ and the number of copies eg ‘GOURMET x 2’.
Unlike crowd funding NO MONEY will be taken now but we will keep a note of all requests then, once we have the book safely in our UK warehouse, you will be invited to order in the usual way.
Every pre-order book will contain a reading ribbon as has become traditional for our hardcovers and we are working on a small additional ‘thank-you’ gift with the licensor.
Thanks for your support, it is always appreciated and sometimes necessary. 😊

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